The Devilish Angel

The Devilish Angel
It was a sunny day as trumpets called all feathered personnel to wake up and start their daily duties. All the angels have very important roles to play none more important than an Archangel's of course. When you show yourself around Heaven's grounds your wings must look perfect and shiny. Big and beautiful. Glowing like the sun whenever the rays hit them. Everyone below an archangel looks up to those with gorgeous wings. The three wings that span the length of a school bus to a small car in size. The most common wing color was of course white, but the Archangels were special. Michael, Big, beautiful baby blue wings that mimic the sky. Gabriel, golden wings that shown like the golden light of the sun. Lucifer, being the rebellious angel he once was, had hot pink wings like a flamingo. These were the big three archangels, of course, there were only two now that were truly talked about amongst heaven's walls. The was an archangel that was never shown to the public of heaven though. Ouriel, he didn't have big stunning wings. Much less a halo for that matter. But he never fell. He never disobeys God's word. But the two archangels who knew him knew he could not be shown to heaven. His appearance would cause panic and riot amongst all angels. That couldn't happen again.
So, Ouriel sat in his office, where he basically lived, most days doing paperwork and making sure hell stayed in line and didn't break any rules they had been given. That was his job; command demons. Michael and Gabriel had thought maybe that's why he looked the way he did, his job. Ouriel wasn't allowed out because of the horns and spade-tipped tail he sported. He had bat-like wings yes, but they were small. Nothing like an archangel. The only angel-like things about him were the color and number of wings he had. His bat-like wings were purple that faded into white tips. His horns had gold bases to compliment the white at the tips. When he did need to leave his office to meet with Lucifer in hell, he wore a baggy sweatshirt and baggy pants to hide his wings and tail. To hide his horns he wore hats to hide. He didn't enjoy being in heaven though. It seemed like a chore to do the work he was given.
Ouriel wished to run away, he had been to the human world like many archangels had. He was always fascinated by the pastries and baked goods he saw. He himself thought about opening a bakery called, ‘Angelic Delights'. But he had to do work in heaven. He rarely got days off up there. Lucifer enjoyed making work for him difficult, naturally. Ouriel and Lucifer had a strange relationship, neither one hated nor liked the other. They were enemies, yes, but could have a conversation at the least. Ouriel was having a chill day today, in fact hell seemed to have just, taken a day off instead of causing mischief. There wasn't much to do so he decided to go down to Earth and get some pastries from his favorite human bakery. The bakery was a ma and pa shop of course, but that made it even better. The staff was always so nice. They were atheists though.they didn't believe in a god or heaven, much less hell or devils. Ouriel didn't mind that though, he made sure the family business did well. He looked up at the sign that read ‘Max n' Jen's pastry stop', Max and Jen we're the founders of the Business.
Ouriel walked inside greeting the cat that was always laying in the window. The barista looked up from icing a cookie and smiled, "Ouriel! Welcome back! What can I get you today? The usual?" Anna was working today.
"Yes, the usual please, and could you add a serving of bread pudding this time?" Ouriel smiled just thinking of the delicious baked goods he was getting. Anna only nodded and started on his order. Ouriel began thinking out loud.
"I think I'm going to open a bakery of my own. I don't want to compete with this store though, I like this one." Ouriel smiled at the thought of owning his own bakery. Anna smiled humming quietly to the soft jazz that played overhead on the speakers.
"I think you should then, what's stopping you? I hope it isn't us." The last part was light-hearted, Anna always had a soft touch but a sense of humor. Ouriel shrugged in response, he couldn't tell her exactly why of course, not that she'd believe him. Anna hands over his order in a bag and Ouriel hands over the money due. He wishes her a great day and she returns the sentiment as walks out of the shop. He never forgets to give the old fat cat a quick pet before leaving though.
Ouriel thought about heading back up to heaven but something stopped him. What Anna had said earlier made him think, why couldn't I open a bakery and do my heavenly duties at the same time? He decided to not go back to heaven but instead find a place to open a bakery. This didn't take long, being an angel really helped travel and finding the best place to start a business. In a matter of hours, he had a shop up that could open the next day. No doubt that heaven would be looking for him soon, specifically Michael and Gabriel. In fact the two were already searching for him since they needed some paperwork done. They tracked him down and cornered him inside his new shop.
"Where have you been?! You have a job to do! There's no time to be playing around Ouriel!" Michael shouted at the smaller archangel; he was always the meanest. Gabriel only glared at the archangel they'd come to retrieve. Ouriel looked between the two larger angels shaking a bit out of fear.
"I'm opening a bakery! I'll have an office in the back that I'll keep doing heaven's work in! I swear!" Ouriel hoped for their mercy. But Gabriel and Michael only barked out a laugh.
"You? A baker?! Ha! Don't make me laugh!" Gabriel howled. Ouriel shy's away at the booming mocking laughter of the higher-ranking angels. It wasn't like he was going to abandon heaven completely, or even hell. He knew he had to continue working but being between the two realms with something he loved might make it easier on him.
"I don't understand why I can't have a bakery here and do work. I could be a better worker closer to hell and-and you wouldn't have to worry about other angels seeing me down here!!" He tried reasoning with them. Michael and Gabriel shared a look as they thought about this. The freedom of not worrying about who saw Ouriel was tempting, very tempting. They turned away from the small devil-like angel whispering about letting him stay or if they should drag him back up to heaven to keep a close eye on him.
"Y-you both know I am one of the most loyal angels in heaven! I have no intention of betraying you! I just wish to stay here with humans and bake delightful pastries and treats for them!" Ouriel said as the two were still turned away. They seemed to take what he said into account before they agree on something turning to address the other angel.
Michael started first, "We will allow you to stay on Earth with the humans. BUT you must promise that on the first of every month you will meet with us wherever we request. Understood?" Ouriel quickly nodded with a smile that was so bright it might just blind a person.
"AND you will be expected to continue your work as regular. Do expect surprise inspections from yours truly." Gabriel finished for Michael. Ouriel couldn't believe they had let him stay. It was the best thing he heard someone say all day!
"I understand! Thank you both so much!! I won't let you down! Would you like some pumpkin bread for the road?" Ouriel ran to the back before returning with two freshly baked loaves of pumpkin bread. The two archangels glanced at the bread before hesitantly taking the bread and saying their farewells. Then, from that day forward Ouriel ran a bakery all while keeping hell in line, it's everything he ever wanted. Heaven was better off too. God knew she had made a good decision giving the archangel on Earth demon features. She smiled knowing she had made the perfect story.
The End

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